Fund closing simplified

Save time and frustration with a seamless online experience that makes it easy to invest in private funds.

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Fixing the broken fundraising process for fund managers like:

How it works

From executing legal documents to getting data into your systems, Passthrough makes investor onboarding practically automatic.


After Passthrough builds your custom workflow, invite investors to complete your sub doc online.

Sign & Review

Track as your investors sign electronically, then review their responses and request revisions if necessary.


Countersign and automatically send closing emails to all relevant stakeholders.


Export investor data in your preferred format and access from anywhere.

Unite parties and close faster with one single source of truth

The old process

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Chasing signatures
A red X
Requesting multiple revisions
A red X
Sharing sensitive information over email
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Confusing investors on their status
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Not knowing where you are against fundraising target
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Miscommunicating with lawyers, fund admins, and investors

The Passthrough Process

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Automated signature collection
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Streamlined revision requests
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Military-grade encryption to keep your data secure
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Real-time, automated status updates
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Accurate fundraising analytics and reporting
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Clear and trackable communication with all parties

“Given that we were using Passthrough, we freed up time to build up relationships with new investors.”

Emila Damjanovic
Emila Damjanovic
Head of Investor Relations, Lead Edge Capital

Provide a better experience for everyone

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Fund Managers

Track your investors live and coordinate everyone involved in the raise.


Fill out subscription agreements by focusing only on the parts that matter to you.

Law Firms

Track revisions, generate fund tracking sheets, and automatically share closing set emails.

Fund Administrators

Export investor onboarding data into the format you need.

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Finally, the fund closing process has an upgrade so you can avoid wasting time thanks to a simple, flexible workflow

Make it simple for investors to fill out their subscription documents and share information safely & securely.
Fund managers can manage subscription document distribution, execution, and compliance with ease – while law firms and fund administrators have quick and easy access to data in the format they need.

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Empowering Leading Organizations

Deliver a seamless, online experience

Passthrough is fully secure and works with any subscription document. Coordinate your investors, lawyer, and fund admin to collect completed subscription documents quickly.

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Save time
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Reduce workload
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Private & secure
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Eliminate mistakes
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Monitor in real time
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Mobile friendly

6 Minutes

That’s how fast investors have filled subscription docs from scratch with Passthrough. From inviting investors, collecting commitments, and getting the data where you need it –
here’s how we made that happen

Bring your team and tools

Use any attorney or fund administrator you’d like. Passthrough builds a workflow that matches your documents and process instead of asking you to adopt ours and drop your team.

End tedious work & errors

No more manual errors from transcribing handwritten documents or copying and pasting from PDF. Export information into the format your system requires.

Enter information ahead of time

Already have your investors’ information? Upload it into Passthrough so that they can quickly confirm it and get their commitments to you.

View one source of truth

It’s hard to know whether you’re on track to close. Passthrough shows you who’s signed and who’s outstanding in real-time. If an investor’s lagging, give them a nudge using Passthrough to move them along.

Collect what’s needed

Joint-signers, witnesses, offline signatures, delegates filling out subscription documents, KYC/AML information – forget exchanging this over email.  Collect signatures and documents however you like.

Focus on what matters

Filling out the wrong questions or missing questions costs time. Our guided workflows only show investors the questions they need to answer, so you only get completed documents (and get them quickly).