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Fund workflow automation

Save time and frustration with a seamless online experience that makes it easy to invest in private funds.

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More than 250 fund managers delight their investors with Passthrough

Simplified investor onboarding

Electronic Subscription Documents

Collect completed subscription and tax documents through a customized workflow in just twenty minutes on average.

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Map beneficial owners intelligently, automatically screen against sanctions lists, and decide which investors to admit into your fund.

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The private capital markets run on Passthrough

$8 billion
Commitments Processed
Jurisdictions Served

Provide a better experience for everyone

Fund Managers

Let us focus on what we do best, onboarding investors efficiently, so you can focus on running your firm.

Close your fund fast

We save you weeks or months in the fundraise by having investors fill out sub docs quickly, completely, and accurately. It's a single place for you and your providers to coordinate

Save on low-value legal fees

Since 80%+ of Passthrough subscription docs are filled out correctly the first time, your attorneys don’t need to chase down revisions and signatures non-stop.


Using passively created profiles, investors can reuse information from subscription documents, tax documents, and KYC/AML across any investment on Passthrough.

Complete in minutes

It takes <20 minutes on average for an investor to complete their first investment on Passthrough. Future investments can take 2 minutes.

Reusable data

It doesn’t matter which law firm you use for a given fund, where it’s domiciled, or what the strategy is, the investor’s data is still reusable.

Law Firms

Your counsel isn’t our client but we’ve tailored the experience for them too. With workflows built to their specifications, you minimize risk. With tools built to ensure complete and accurate documents, you lower your closing costs.

Customize your agreements

We onboard your subscription documents instead of forcing you to accept our language. We can tweak it to any arbitrary level of complexity too.

Easily manage the close

More than 80% of Passthrough sub docs don’t require revisions, but we built review tools for when they do. Your counsel can also manage closing emails and both of you can export investor data in their fund tracker on demand.

Fund Administrators

Instead of your fund admin going back and forth with investors to build our a beneficial ownership tree, lean on us for document collection, structuring of data, and automatic nightly screenings.

Offload KYC/AML

We collect information down to the beneficial owner and screen them so that there's no need to exchange email after email to understand who's making an investment.

Get onboarded faster

Bank instructions, contact data, and more lie trapped in sub docs. We collect the data how your admin needs it, export it into their format, and can integrate into their systems so you can get your first capital call out faster.

Security, privacy, and compliance

Data privacy and security is embedded in every part of our business. Our Security Portal outlines the high-level details for several of the frameworks, regulations, and certifications that apply to our company and its products.

SOC 2 Type II

Our SOC 2 Type II report is available to current and prospective enterprise customers upon request.

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Passthrough is GDPR compliant as both a processor and controller.

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Penetration testing

Passthrough uses third parties to perform penetration testing on a regular basis.

Onboard investors with ease

We make it simple to manage the subscription document and compliance process for fund managers around the world.

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