We were tired of the fundraising process too, so we built the upgrade it needed.

Save time and frustration with a seamless online experience that makes it easy to invest in private funds.

Our Mission

Passthrough’s mission is to organize and structure investor identity information and make that information interoperable.

Why choose Passthrough?

Industry Experts

We built one of the largest venture fund administrators around. We know where the mistakes can be made. Passthrough ensures you don’t make them too.

A better investor experience

We’re not a more powerful form filler. Passthrough has a clean design that just makes sense when you use it.

Meet the team

Ben Doran

COO & Co-Founder

Alex Laplante

CTO & Co-Founder

Tim Flannery

CEO & Co-Founder

Julius Leiman-Carbia

Chief Legal & Compliance Officer

Garrett Butler

Head of Client Operations

Elan Gefen

Head of Sales

Colleen Twomey

Partnerships Lead

Benny Weisman

Account Executive

Ariana Yousafzai

Sales Development Representative

Anna Moorhead

Sales Development Representative

Mia Zaldastani

Partnerships Development

Corey Fader

Client Support Manager

Pamela Castillo

Client Support Manager

Claudia Wadolowski

Onboarding Manager Lead

Ricardo Serrano

Onboarding Manager

Adrian Rovira

Onboarding Manager

Noah Ezer

Onboarding Manager

Verusha Naidoo

Onboarding Manager

Justis Midura

Product Manager

Eva Chau

Product Designer

Tiago Lira

Software Engineer

Vincent Wang

Software Engineer

Jack Manthorp

Software Engineer

Joseph Tibbertsma

Software Engineer

Andrew Bezold

Software Engineer