Electronic Subscription Documents

Custom subscription document workflows

Get complete and accurate subscription documents in minutes instead of days or weeks.

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How to raise more capital with less effort

From executing legal documents to getting data into your systems, Passthrough makes investor onboarding practically automatic, regardless of your size or structure.


After we build your custom workflow, invite investors to complete their sub docs. We can also pre-fill sub docs or connect to your CRM.

Track & Review

Track progress as your investors sign electronically. Review responses and request revisions if they’re not one of the 80% who fill it out correctly first time.


Countersign, approve, and send closing emails to investors. Customize the message and move the investors who missed the deadline to the next close.


Export investor data in any format that you and your tax, compliance, accounting, and IR teams require. Or, connect back to your CRM.

See it for yourself

Our 13-minute demo video covers the basics:

  • Onboard: custom sub doc workflows and inviting investors to your fund
  • Track and review: see the progress of your raise
  • Execute: countersign, approve, and send closing emails
  • Investor view: see how easy onboarding is for your investors

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Built to close your fund fast

Custom workflows with conditional logic

We build workflows based on your subscription document and can add any arbitrary level of logic. So your investors only answer the questions relevant to them and we can validate their data.

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Flexible to all investor types

High-net worth investors can delegate doc completion to financial advisors while institutional LPs can request legal review before signing or sign offline.

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Embedded KYC/AML

You can use Passthrough just for document collection or pair with our compliance product for beneficial ownership mapping, screening, and case management.

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Real-time analytics and reporting

See where every investor is in real time, down to the last question they answered. You always have the information you need to herd LPs to the close.

Clear and trackable communication

Your internal teams, IR, legal counsel, fund administrator, or whatever teams you use to orchestrate the fundraise have a single source of truth.

Full audit trails

See detailed audit logs which show changes to documents, significant events, review status, time of occurrence, the action performed, who the action was performed by, and more.

Turn investor onboarding into your competitive advantage

Our electronic subscription document workflows help you close your fund faster. Make investing into your fund a better experience for your team, providers, and LPs.

Close capital quicker

Investors complete subscription documents in <20 minutes on average and fill them out correctly 80%+ of the time. Repeat investors only take 2 minutes. With simple workflows and total transparency into the raise, you can close the fund faster and get back to running it instead.

Get complete and accurate sub docs, fast

Historically, only 20% of subscription documents are considered in-good-order when they’re initially submitted. It’s 80%+ on Passthrough, and we typically only require one turn when they require revisions.

Improve LP experience

You spent months or years convincing LPs to join or return to your fund, why introduce friction at the finish line? Passthrough’s investor experience is the best first impression that you can provide.

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When global VC fund G Squared needed a smarter way to onboard investors, they came to Passthrough.
"Passthrough has been transformational to our investor onboarding processes and has enabled us to streamline information flows between our investor base, fund administrators, and operations teams, all while delivering a more simplified experience for our limited partners."
Tom Hoban

Chief Operating Officer at G Squared

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