Compliance built for the private capital markets

Make screening your investors and staying on top of your compliance practically automatic.

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How it works


Investors provide information about their ownership structure to get the appropriate docs and data down to the last relevant beneficial owner on the first try.


Our team reviews the investor’s documentation to validate their identity.


Automatically screen investors against sanctions and politically exposed lists to provide recommendations so you can assess the level of risk before admitting investors.


We screen nightly and surface additional information on matches or potential new matches so you can mitigate any potential risks in the future.

Built for continuous compliance

The most flexible, comprehensive KYC/AML tool out there

Flexible to your jurisdiction

Whether you’re in the United States, Cayman Islands, Luxembourg, Israel, or elsewhere, Passthrough collects whatever information is required by the local authorities.

Embedded subscription document workflows

While it’s available as a standalone product, KYC/AML is also fully embeddable into your electronic subscription documents so you can handle all of investor onboarding in one place.

Continuous compliance

It’s not enough to screen investors just upon admittance to a fund. Passthrough screens information against sanctions lists nightly so that you’re on top of your risk at all times.

Case management

See detailed audit logs that show changes to documents, significant events, review status, time of occurrence, the action performed, who it was performed by, and more.

Manage compliance with confidence

Eliminate the back and forth so you can quickly admit investors to your fund and manage your risk intelligently.

Mitigate risk

With nightly screenings, you have all the information you need to evaluate ongoing activity and any new adverse matters. Investigate suspected hits and document findings in one place.

Save time

Your compliance team typically builds a beneficial ownership tree and has to ask for new information each time an investor shares more about their vehicles. Investors do that automatically for their first investment and reuse it for subsequent ones.

Improve LP experience

You spent months or years convincing LPs to join or return to your fund, why introduce friction at the finish line? Passthrough’s investor experience is the best first impression that you can provide.

Automate KYC/AML with Passthrough

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