Your clients rely on you. Fund formation lawyers rely on us.

With a single workflow from sub doc onboarding to signature, Passthrough is the only investor onboarding software built for and with law firms.

Streamlined investor onboarding as your competitive advantage

Client expectations continue to increase. Win more and better business by partnering with Passthrough as an edge over your competition.

The #1 investor onboarding and compliance software built for (and with) fund formation law firms

We're proud to partner with some of the largest fund formation law firms in the world to streamline fundraising for their clients.

Built for your firm, regardless of size or structure

Our investor onboarding software is flexible, designed to connect to any CRM, investor portal, or data room, and fully embeddable. Build your technical capabilities without the developer hours by partnering with Passthrough.

Organization-level dashboard

A single view to track every fund you work with on Passthrough and its progress in real time. View client matter number, upcoming close dates, and other critical information at a glance.

Fund-level dashboard

A real-time view of each investor's progress, down to the last question they answered. A single place to coordinate feedback, comments, and reviews with your clients and their investors.

Investor commenting

Investors can comment and ask questions directly on the sub docs, and you can answer in the same place without falling back on multiple email threads.

Reviewer tools

Simple investor submission revision workflows and internal notes with updates, comments, and responses in a clear audit trail of who did what, where, and when.

Custom data and document exports

Data is exportable to Excel in any format you need, and documents are easily downloadable by type.

Full control of user access and permissions

Decide who can view, edit, and communicate on an organization and fund level.

Why partner with us?


From preferred vendor agreements to fully embedded, we have partnership options that work for you.


We'll never build a CRM, investor portal, or data room so we'll always be a partner, not a competitor.


With the option of full embeddability, you can control the investor experience front to back.

Security, privacy, and compliance

Data privacy and security is embedded in every part of our business. Our Security Portal outlines the high-level details for several of the frameworks, regulations, and certifications that apply to our company and its products.

SOC 2 Type II

Our SOC 2 Type II report is available to current and prospective enterprise customers upon request.

GDPR icon

Passthrough is GDPR compliant as both a processor and controller.

Penetration testing

Passthrough uses third parties to perform penetration testing on a regular basis.