Frequently asked questions


What's the difference between Passthrough and a fund admin?
How does my fund admin and legal counsel use Passthrough?
Why don’t you have an LP Portal and/or data room?
How is Passthrough different from your competitors?
How much does Passthrough cost?
Can you provide references from current customers?
I’m already mid-fundraise. Can I still use Passthrough?


My institutional investors require a wet signature. How do they use Passthrough?
Do my investors need to create an account with Passthrough?
What do investors think of Passthrough?
Can institutional investors use Passthrough?
Do investors need to complete the entire sub doc in one session?
Can investors add collaborators to the platform?
If investors have a question about their sub doc, do they need to send it via email?


What’s the difference between self-serve and fully managed KYC/AML?
Why do I need to do KYC/AML?


How long does sub doc onboarding take?
How does Passthrough integrate with my CRM?
What is conditional logic?
Can I export data directly from Passthrough?
Do you use a standard sub doc?
How many admin seats can I have?


How do you keep my LPs’ data secure?
Will you ever sell my LPs’ data?