2024 Fundraising Predictions Report

January 8, 2024

What's in store for 2024?

Respondents to our 2024 fundraising predictions survey see a light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to the macroeconomic challenges of the last couple of years, with an overwhelming majority of respondents expecting some relief.

Inflationary pressure easing and interest rates coming back down to earth are resulting in a cautious optimism among survey respondents. However, a majority of fund managers surveyed are increasing fund targets despite three-quarters of respondents thinking the market will only get more challenging in 2024.

This report covers:

  • Market conditions: a majority are seeing a light at the end of a dark macroeconomic tunnel.
  • Investor strategy: despite optimism, it's still an investors' market so GPs are thinking creatively.
  • ESG focus: GPs are on the hunt for ways to materially incorporate ESG to meet investor demand.
  • AI revolution: AI looks to be becoming more deeply embedded in day-to-day fund operations.

Download the full report for the data and insights.


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