Our partnership with Entrilia

June 6, 2024

Any private fund operations team is likely to be acutely aware of the need to manage their day-to-day more efficiently, with fewer people, than ever before. To do that, they need solutions that offer immediate and meaningful scale from an operational perspective, but also deliver the seamless digital experience that investors have come to expect.

An extension of Entrilia’s powerful fund accounting solution

“Entrilia's customers already have a powerful fund accounting application, which boasts the most robust data model in the market,” says Yuriy Andrushchenko, Co-Founder CTO & CPO at Entrilia. “We’re built API-first, which means Passthrough’s platform can plug in seamlessly, and immediately offer an automated investor onboarding process which before today, is done manually upstream of Entrilia’s platform. The integration with Passthrough acts as a natural extension, streamlining data handling, reducing errors, and automating compliance processes, further optimizing fund operations and efficiency.” 

“Like Entrilia’s philosophy toward fund accounting, we think investor onboarding should be solved at the infrastructure leveI, which means we don’t need to be another destination for fund managers and investors to constantly check,” says Tim Flannery, Co-founder & CEO of Passthrough. “By connecting with our infrastructure, Entrilia’s clients have a single place to monitor their raise, provide their investors a simplified, digital investor onboarding experience instead of pen & paper, and close their funds weeks or months faster.”

An integration that untangles email threads

With the premade integration, fund managers can replace manual reviews of pdf sub docs and tangled email threads with a few clicks in Passthrough’s platform. They can bring investors on quickly and give them an intuitive onboarding experience. They have a single place to coordinate their external counsel, compliance and tax teams, and investors, and also their internal operations and IR teams who all have the real-time data they need to close capital quicker.

The integration process with Passthrough and Entrilia is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly. Once the two platforms are connected, fund managers provide access to Passthrough to complete their sub docs. Entrilia’s platform will digitally consume each investor’s unique sub doc data, then fund managers can capture all related transactional events and utilize Entrilia to create and distribute relevant reports to their investors. 

Ultimately this reduces manual data entry, minimizes errors, and ensures compliance, drastically decreasing the operational time required to close a fund. 

Multiple solutions that work in harmony

Both Passthrough and Entrilia focus on straightforward and user-friendly digital experiences. “There's been a massive increase in people investing in alternatives since 2009,” says Ben Doran, Passthrough’s Co-founder and COO. “And for them to build a diverse portfolio, they have to make a lot of fund commitments. Compared to investing in stocks on Robinhood or Schwab, for example, where it takes seconds to make a trade, it takes upwards of an hour for an investor to fill out a sub doc. Passthrough is the solution for all investor types, from these emerging investors to large institutions.”

“Our partnership with Passthrough is a representation of our commitment to ensuring private capital firms have access to an ecosystem of best-in-breed software solutions and we deliver exceptional value to our clients,” says Eric Faw, Co-founder and CEO at Entrilia. “As the industry becomes more complex, efficiency will be achieved through effectively leveraging multiple solutions to enhance digital automation. Entrilia values partnerships that align with our commitment to innovation, reliability, and enhancing the overall digitization of client operations, and Passthrough’s vision for the investor’s subscription journey is perfectly in tune with that. Together, our technologies create a seamless experience for our clients.”

Grow your fund with this partnership

Through this partnership, Passthrough and Entrilia offer a fully unified platform to gain immediate scale and complete transparency into their fund operations, and bring on investors quickly. 

“Our goal is that if you're an investor, you can stay on one platform: the one the fund manager selected.” says Ben. “You don't need to log in to multiple places. Fund managers can choose the best tools but also have the benefits of it acting as a single solution. It’s the best of both worlds.”

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