Transform your fund management: our partnership with GPFS

December 19, 2023

Private fund managers need systematized access to data to be more responsive and enable better, faster decision-making. To do that, they need to think about continually upgrading their technology and processes for more reliable and automated fund operations, and continue to scale their LP base while maintaining a great investor experience.

GPFS and Passthrough’s partnership brings innovation to fund management

“We’ve always positioned ourselves as a partner to our clients as opposed to just another vendor,” says Glen Shields, Founder and CEO of GPFS. “We look to support their initiatives beyond traditional fund administration, to become the center of the wheel and bring together multiple resources. Some of the initiatives include data democratization, ESG—particularly around governance—and the overall investor experience, which is crucial to our clients. Partnering with Passthrough represents the kind of innovation that our clients are looking for as it relates to these goals, so it's a very natural thing for us to bring this partnership to our clients.”

“We think investor onboarding should be solved at the infrastructure level, which means we don’t need to be another destination for fund managers and investors to constantly check,” says Tim Flannery, Co-founder & CEO of Passthrough. “By connecting with our infrastructure, GPFS’s clients have a single place to monitor their raise, provide their investors a simplified, digital investor onboarding experience instead of pen & paper, and close their funds weeks or months faster.”

Smoothing the way for a better GP-LP relationship

With the partnership, GPFS clients can replace manual reviews of pdf sub docs and tangled email threads with a few clicks in Passthrough’s platform. They can bring investors on quickly and give them an intuitive onboarding experience. They have a single place to coordinate their external counsel, compliance and tax teams, and investors. 

“Fundraising is incredibly time-consuming for clients and the investors. GPFS will work to enable our clients to implement Passthrough’s platform quickly,” says Glen. “They’ll be able to offer their LPs a streamlined onboarding process and a digital experience that will feel intuitive and familiar, especially for the increasing number of retail investors. And we'll be able to share best practices with them, and they'll be able to leverage best practices that we see other Passthrough clients use to continually enhance the experience.”

“Passthrough gives asset managers the immediate ability to scale while maintaining high quality investor relations,” says Ben Doran, Passthrough’s COO and Co-Founder. “Having real-time insight into where their investors are in their sub doc process and being able to instantly remedy any problems is transformational for the relationships they have with their LPs.”

Allowing fund managers to focus on the quality of their data, not the process of obtaining it 

Data derived from the fundraising process is crucial throughout the fund’s lifecycle. GPFS clients will not only streamline their investor onboarding process to do more with fewer resources, but have the ability to use the standardized, foundational data they can extract from Passthrough to make more informed decisions for better results across the fund’s life.

“Investor onboarding in its current form has historically made it difficult to focus on data quality, without getting caught up in the process of obtaining the data,” says Glen. “Passthrough enables us—and our investors and our clients—to focus on the substance of onboarding. It elevates everybody. It gets us focused not on whether we can read the ink, but instead really understand what the investor is sharing with us.”

Grow your fund with this partnership

Reducing onboarding friction for investors and GPs moves the needle forward. It starts with improving experiences and extends right across the lifecycle and operations of the fund. With this partnership, GPFS and Passthrough put an unmatched service for GPs to scale their fund within reach.

Find out more about how GPFS and Passthrough can streamline your investor management today.


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