OnboardingBridge webinar recap

October 12, 2023

Your CRM needs to be a reliable, single source of truth for your whole firm to use the data in it to make smarter decisions. OnboardingBridge—the first integration that connects sub docs with a CRM—means information normally trapped in a sub doc automatically updates your CRM in real time, and vice versa.

You’ll never need to pull information from static pdfs or manually update records again. Increase the speed at which you send sub docs to investors, decrease fundraising timelines, and give investors an experience they actually enjoy.

Close more capital, faster

To invest in a private fund, investors are expected to fill out long questionnaires—upwards of 100 questions—accurately and in a timely manner. And if they invest in multiple funds, they’re expected to provide the same information multiple times. 

Fund managers collect information before, during and after a raise, none of which is easily transferable to sub docs or their CRM. So critical data often sits unstandardized and unused in several disconnected places.

Investors expect a streamlined onboarding experience where they don’t need to provide duplicative information, while fund managers need real-time visibility into the status of their raise and a single source of truth for their teams. That's what OnboardingBridge solves. 

OnboardingBridge allows fund managers to use data already in their CRM to prefill a subscription document, invite investors to the platform to complete their agreement, and once the investors complete their documents, both the investor’s information and status are automatically updated. That investor’s data can also be reused when they reinvest in a future fund.

Elan Gefen, Product Manager at Passthrough, and Cole Maltese, Product Owner at Altvia, recently demonstrated the full OnboardingBridge <> Passthrough workflow in a comprehensive webinar.

Watch the full live demo video here, or read the summary below.

How OnboardingBridge works

You’ve been in discussions with High Mountain Capital, and they’ve agreed to commit $6 million to your fund. So, when you send them to the next phase by clicking the “ready to close” stage on the status bar, you are automatically sent to the screen that enables you to send sub docs via Passthrough.

After clicking “send to Passthrough”, you use the dropdown menus to select which fund and fund closing the investor is committing to. In this case, High Mountain Capital is investing in Maple Partners I, first close.

Next, you select who you want to send the sub docs to from a list of all the contacts associated with this account in the AIM CRM. 

Finally, you can review the data we’re sending over to Passthrough to prefill the sub doc, add a message if you want to, and hit “confirm and send”.

The integration then automatically pre-fills the sub docs with all the information in the AIM CRM and that investor’s status is automatically updated to “sent”.

The investor and any collaborators receive an email with an invitation to complete their subscription agreement on Passthrough and the message we entered into the AIM CRM.

When the investor goes to Passthrough, they’ll have the option to use their pre-filled sub doc or start a new profile.

As soon as the investor has opened and started completing their agreement, their status is automatically updated to “in progress” in the AIM CRM.

Once they’ve signed their sub doc, you can review their information directly in Passthrough, approve, mark as fully executed, and send them a closing email.

Back in the AIM CRM, the investor’s status is automatically updated. You can review the data you want to bring over from Passthrough to the AIM CRM—which will be any fields that the investor has updated in their sub doc and therefore different from the information we already have on their AIM CRM record. In this case the investor has updated their banking details, legal name, and commitment amount.

Once you’ve clicked “confirm and convert to investor”, their status is updated and their record in the AIM CRM is automatically updated to reflect the new information they provided.

And that’s the entire process. No manual data entry, no email threads or pdf attachments, just a streamlined, real-time onboarding process that gives you the information you need to close more capital, faster.

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