Our integrated solution with Altvia is a finalist in The Drawdown Awards

April 1, 2024

We’re thrilled to announce that our integrated solution with Altvia has been selected as a finalist in the The Drawdown Awards for 2024. We’ve been recognized in the Investor Relations Technology category, amongst several other leading service providers for the European private equity industry.

The Drawdown Awards celebrate excellence and innovation within private fund operations.

The extensive judging process, based on the views of a panel of leading private capital fund COOs, CFOs, CCOs, GCs and CTOs, ensures these awards stand out from the crowd as ‘ones to win’ and they aim to act as a catalyst to drive up service standards and operations across the sector.

Passthrough and Altvia’s integrated solution links data normally trapped in sub docs with Altvia’s AIM CRM via a powerful, custom integration, OnboardingBridge. 

Investors expect a streamlined onboarding experience where they don’t need to provide duplicative information, while fund managers need real-time visibility into the status of their raise and a single source of truth for their teams. That's what OnboardingBridge solves. 

A fund manager’s CRM needs to be a reliable, single source of truth for their whole firm to use the data in it to make smarter decisions. OnboardingBridge—the first integration that connects sub docs with a purpose-built CRM platform for private equity—means information normally trapped in a sub doc automatically updates Altvia’s AIM CRM in real time, and vice versa.

OnboardingBridge allows fund managers to use data already in Altvia’s AIM CRM to prefill a subscription document, invite investors to the platform to complete their agreement, and once the investors complete their documents, both the investor’s information and status are automatically updated. That investor’s data can also be reused when they reinvest in a future fund.

We’re honored that The Drawdown Awards has chosen to recognize the industry-leading innovation that Passthrough and Altvia have achieved. 

For more on The Drawdown Awards, see here for this year’s finalists and last year’s winners.

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